Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Review: Mike Stanley Farewell Show @ The Comedy Bar

Mike Stanley
I recently stopped in for a show at The Comedy Bar in Chicago’s River North neighborhood. I was unfamiliar with this particular club, so I was interested to check out how it compared to other comedy spots in Chicago.

The first rule of the Comedy Bar is that you do not arrive late. It’s an intimate space. The audience seating is more wide than deep. Expect to cause a distraction if you’re seated after the show starts. I was lucky enough to enjoy the show from one of the nice cozy booths in the rear of the club.

Three comics entertained a full house: Michael Larimer, Ramon Rivas, and Mike Stanley, along with host Kyle Scanlan. Larimer is highly animated. His hysterical description of his small city bathroom had the crowd on a roll. I found Rivas’ declaration that Black people don’t do crafts to be hilarious, since as a Black woman I live and breathe Jo-Ann’s Fabrics. His laid-back style tickled me the most.

Ramon Rivas
The evening’s headliner, Mike Stanley, is headed to Los Angeles to further his career. He’s also oddly intrigued by female body builders. He went into great detail with the audience to explain his love for this type of woman. This was Stanley’s last show in Chicago. A true talent, he handled some unsolicited crowd participation exceptionally well.

The Comedy Bar is also great for getting your laugh on, on a budget. At $10 for entry and no required minimum drink order, it was a bargain for a night’s entertainment. The shows are the perfect length, about an hour. So it’s great for checking out surrounding bars and restaurants post show. Based on my experience, the same level of comedic talent found at larger Chicago clubs can definitely be found at The Comedy Bar.

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