Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Weekly Top Ten...

So one of the long list of features we've been trying to execute is a "Weekly Top Ten" list designed to highlight shows and/or performances that were exceptional on any given week. Since It's getting harder to keep track of the plethora of comedy showcases and standout comedian performances that are happening in the Chicago comedy scene, a top ten list just seemed like a natural extension of what we're already doing in terms comprehensive coverage (also its just cool). So with out further ado... here is some of the best things that happened in the Chicago comedy scene last week.

Micahel Joyce @ Rathskellar Open Mic
The Rathskellar Open Mic at Lotties: Went to this long running open mic last week. It was banging. It's pretty much always banging. Always a decent mixed crowd of comics and civilians. More like a showcase than an open mic since so many veterans come through to work out material. But definitely newbie friendly as well. Fun and dynamic with great drink specials. But what really makes the room work is the host Michael Joyce. Joyce's energy and attention to detail keep things clicking. Recommended.

Matty Ryan Hosting @ Parlour Car
Matty Ryan Ryan is what I call a comics comic. South-Side Irish all the way, Ryan is always quick with a joke, a wink and a smile. Caught him hosting last week, and he was as loose as I've ever seen him. A rapid fire delivery and penchant for spinning horrifying yet hilarious true stories is Ryan's forte. Also you cant help but like the guy. Matty is prolific producer (Blackout Diaries, Parlour Car) is an alumnus of  Second City, will be in the JFL Festival this year and has performed at venues like Zanies, The Comedy Bar, The Laugh Factory, The Improv, and the Hollywood Comedy Store.

Clark Jones @ The Laugh Factory
Clark Jones: Jones has been in rare form lately but was especially on point last week when he smashed several sets sets at the laugh factory. Jone is also an established producer (The Starting 5, Two Black Dudes and an Open Mic) with stage credits from Zanies, Joke & Notes, The Comedy Bar, The Laugh Factory etc. Good to hear he also made it into JFL this year.

Drew Michael LIVE @ Timothy O'Toole's
Drew Michael - "Lovely"Album Recording: Checked out the debut album recording of Drew Michael at Timothy O'Toole's in downtown Chicago last Friday night. Drew was his usual dark, hilarious  relentlessly caustic self in front of an enthusiastic and packed house. I laughed out loud several times. He covered his favorite topics, Hitler, bestiality, unrequited love, etc. A solid performance. We look forward to the release of the album.

The Nasty Show
The Nasty Show: Laugh Factory Chicago has figured out a pretty good formula for success.  Get some of the best local and mideswest comics Chicago has to offer, give them a late Saturday night time slot and a mandate to be raunchy and the crowds will come.

Erica Clark @ Parlour Car
Erica Clark: Home girl killed it at Parlour Car Showcase last week.

Jeff Steinbrunner
Jeff Steinbrunner: Jeff was in top form when he opened for Drew Michael on Friday night. Really warmed the crowd up.

Derek Smith @ Parlour Car
Parlour Car: Had a blast at this showcase last Thursday. Good drinks, solid comics, lively crowd, DJ set after... Recomended.

Lindsay Adams @ Schubas
Lindsay Adams: Lindsay gets better every time she goes up and had some great sets last week.

Danny Kallas @ The Comedy Bar
Danny Kallas: Despite a whole row of drunk & unruly audience members at The Comedy Bar. Danny, shut them up, got them on board and stilled killed in his feature set. Which is not an easy thing to do.

James Allen Kamp