Monday, June 10, 2013

Comedy Of Chicago's Top JFL Picks!

Hannibal Burress @ JFL 2012
Hot damn! Just For Laughs is upon us. It's the 5th year anniversary and the festival has more Chicago based comedians performing than ever. It's been encouraging to witness over time, JFL's commitment to utilizing Chicago's talent pool and ongoing comedy renaissance.

If by chance you live in a cave, let me explain why having JFL in Chicago is important. It's the largest, international comedy festival organization in the world and books some of the best international comics around. JFL attracts national press, industry executives, talent scouts, agents and most importantly pours millions of dollars into the Chicago economy.

The festival gets a little more Chicago centric each year, but they tried to out do themselves this go around. There are so many Chicago comics involved this time it ain't funny (ha.. see what I did there).  Check out the JFL Chicago website and see for yourselves. Sure, some GREAT comics got left out... And some may argue the merit of those that made it in. But hey... nothings perfect. Especially not a corporate sponsored festival, and we should not expect it to be. Try to focus on the positive because the bottom line is that JFL is good for the scene as a whole (on a side note there are plenty of "festival alternative" options going on this week as well).

Mike Lebovitz & Junior Stopka Perform June 11th
Don't fret if you cant afford tickets to that "big show".  Follow your budget and go with a local lineup or your favorite local venue. And don't sleep on those "surprise" shows like Redacted or The Combo, cause when they say "special guest" they mean it that shit. Could be Hannibal Buress, or maybe  Russel Brand. You never know who might show up.

Below is our "official" Comedy of Chicago JFL Picks for 2013. BUT, before some of you send hate mail about how we could possibly leave out the blah blah show or so & so's performance. RELAX these are just the shows I personally will be trying to hit up... and it's completely over reaching at that. Sure there are a ton of quality shows we're missing, so please by all means, do your own research.


June 11th
Double Threat: Junior Stopka & Mike Lebovitz
Naked Sports Live Podcast
Secret Big-Time Local Comedy Showcase
The Shit Show
Wrestling with Depression Podcast
Pete Holmes - Up Comedy Club

June 12th
Russell Brand
The Comedy Bar Kickass Showcase

June 13th
The Lincoln Lodge
Dancing Around the Shit Fire with Kyle Kinane
David Cross & His Super Duper Pals
Jokes and Notes Presents The Urban Comedy Hour

June 14th
Seth Meyers with Special Guests Al Madrigal & Hannibal Buress
Bad Boys of Comedy
The Combo
Set List: Stand-Up Without A Net

June 15th
Maria Bamford
5-Star Leading Ladies
Todd Barry
Best of Chicago
The Blackout Diaries

June 16th
Bill Maher
The Lil Rel Show

James Allen Kamp