Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The 2nd Annual Chicago Women's Funny Festival

Back again for another talent packed second year, the The 2nd Annual Chicago Women's Funny Festival is about to kick off with an insane amount of comedy options. The CWF Festival starts this week, running June 6th through the 9th and will feature HUNDREDS of mostly (like 97%) female comedic talent performing everything from stand-up to improv.  Because of all the hectic activity with the gigantic JFL Festival happening next week, a festival that has corporate PR connections and millions of dollars behind it the CWF festival may be getting overshadowed, so we wanted be sure to put it on peoples radar since it's happening this week.

Coincidently, the CWF Festival also has hundreds of talented comedic performers from all over the country and is happening on many of the same stages, but just a week earlier. Basically every kind of act you could imagine will be on display. The festival will  feature both local and national acts including some of the best Chicago stand ups in the game like Megan Gailey, Candy Lawrence, Kelsie Huff, Ever Mainard, Kellye Howard and Kristen Toomey just to name a FEW.

Kristen Toomey
Speaking of Toomey she was just featured in this great write up in the Daily Herald that highlights her participation in the festival, which by the way, is curated by Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival executive director Jill Valentine. All shows are at Stage 773 building, 1225 W. Belmont, and tickets range from $14 to $15.

And just because we obsess over such things, we put together a complete list of performers (had to painstakingly copy and paste from the website, your welcome...) names for you to peruse. Or you could just check out the names with bio info for yourselves. A long ass list of talent people. Check out the acts and get your tickets.

90's Girl Band
Alexandra Tsarpalas
Amy Sumpter
Angela Vela
Anna Phillips
Ashley Thornton
Bone Mouth
Broad Stewart
Candy LawrenceCarly McMenoman
Chrissie Cunningham
Claire Swanson
Claudia and Liz
Claudia Michelle Wallace is...Older, Blacker, Bolder, Wiser?
Colleen Farrell
Courtney Cox's Bangs
Crystal Ward
Dana Cairns
Danielle Soto
Dee Watson
Dhaya Lakshminarayanan
Dina Martinez
Drunk Monkeys
Danielle Wheeler: D - Tales
EdnaJames Presents: Hello There Friend!
Erica Slutsky
Erin Lane
Erin Weber
Feminine Gentlemen
Fire Science
Former Roomate
Grace Lusk
Gretchen & Regina
Grl Pwr Sktch
Half & Half
Hashtag. Wow I'm Awesome.
Hay, Ladies!
Heavy Flo
Hey Pearl
Hi Betty
Holly Lynnea
I'm Different, Not Dumb (Ali Clayton)
Improvised Jane Austen
Improv Nerd Irene Tu Jennifer Shenberger
Jess Beaulieu Jessica Watkins
Joe Herrmann 
Julia Shiplett 
Just the Tip
Kaitlyn Grissom
Kat Rybarski
Kate Ghiloni 
Kate Streit 
Katie Alicia Wadsworth is Single Forever  Kayla Avery 
Kayla Beth Rosenberg
KB Marion
Kelly Warne
Kellye Howard
Kelsie Huff
Kendra Stevens
Kirsten Rasmussen's Tiny Dino and Other Rejects
Kristen ToomeyKristin Clifford

Lady Jam Sandwich
Lady LaRue
LaForce & Whitaker
Lara Johnson
LaTice Lauren Gilbert
Laura Hugg

Leslie Nesbit:
Lindsay Adams
Lindsay LaVine

Little Man
Live Bex Show
Liz Bell

Los Improviachis
Magic Chicago
Mandy Whitenack Presents: Oh Shit.
Manny Mora

Maria Wojciechowski
Marla Depew
Marlena Rodriguez
Master Blasters
Matt Riggs
Megan Gailey
Michele Durante
Moffitt & Okrant
Monique Madrid

Ms.Jacs: Falling Up Stairs
Natalie Jose
Natalie Shipman
Nia Mumbato
Off Off Broadzway
Pants! Pants! PANTS!

Peggy O'leary

Pirate Sugar
Portion Control Pretty /Windy
Pushy Muldowney

Reena Calm
Sad Banana
Sarah Gallagher

Say Hello To Your Friends; The Improvised Baby-Sitters Club

Sayjal Joshi
Scout Durwood 
Shakespeare's Female Women
Chelsea Devantez: Math For Girls
Sirens Improvisation
Small Town Wonders

Snooty Pageant

Sommer Austin
Sonia Denis
Stacey Kulow

Stacked: All-female Musical Improv
Stank Face
Stephanie Hasz
Sweet Tease
Sweet Tired Kitten
Taco Tuesdays

The Cupcakes: The ladies of Cake-n-Hatred
The Flashlites 
The Gogo Show
The Natalie Carneal Show
The Boys 
The Pop Tarts
The Solo Bunch
Erin Sprague: The Tears Are Real
Valid Hysteria 
Vance Brinkerhoff 
The Vicki Kunz Solo Experiment

Veronica Elizabeth 
Victoria Elena Nones
Waiting for Pierrot 
Woman on Top
Women of GayCo 
Yum Yum Twins

James Allen Kamp