Saturday, June 8, 2013

Uncensored with Brendon Burns and Bill Dawes

Brendon Burns
An Australian, a former soap opera star, and a black guy with a camera walk into a room. This is not
the set up to a joke. This is the setup to one of the weirdest podcasts I’ve ever recorded. I sat down with Bill Dawes and Brendon Burns, two guys that need to be on everyone’s comedy radar. Bill is a veteran LA comic with background in theater. Brendan is a controversial Aussie stand-up comedian who has become quite the sensation in the UK. Needless to say, these two have a lot to talk about.

We met before a show at Laugh Factory Chicago for what I thought might be a regular conversation about comedy, I was wrong. What I encountered instead was a hodgepodge of stories about Aboriginal genocide, racism, rape, and break dancing. Bill, Brendon, and I weave from serious topic to hilarious anecdote in what might be my favorite podcast I’ve recorded. If you’re a person with 35 minutes to spare and want to know about racism in Australia, or why Bill Dawes was once known as “Kid Flex”, then this is the podcast for you. Oh yeah, you’re probably wondering about the black guy with a camera. My buddy/coworker Curtis was on hand to take pictures of the podcast. The fact that 40% of this podcast is about racism just made it all the weirder. When we finished, Curtis pulled me aside and told me, “That was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.”

To listen to the podcast (and see Curtis’s pictures) click here:

Contributing Writer & Laugh Factory Staff Member
Matt Chiaramonte