Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Weekly Top 5

Dave Attell Show @ Mayne Stage
It was a crazy weekend filled with amazing comedy. Here's the top 5 things that happened.

1: Dave Attell - Got the chance to see Dave Atell perform at the Mayne Stage this past weekend. It's no exaggeration to say it was one of the best comedy shows I've scene (a hard statement to make since Reggie Watts also performed and both shows were kind of mind blowing experiences). Attell is a monster. A two word description that accurately describes his delivery style would be "machine gun". His punch lines fly out of his dirty mouth as fast and furious as anyone I ever scene perform comedy. Up there with Robin Williams - but lets be clear - way, way more raunchy. Whats that? The "I head butted a prostitute in the crotch" material not working for you? Just wait, because in like 2.5 seconds he'll be knee deep in his "midget" material, or as he noted "that term is not popular any more so I just call em floor niggers". And if that's not working for you, your obviously at the wrong show, so you should leave.  Yes he's offensive, yes it's vulgar, but there's no denying his comedic ability, the man killed. And lets be even more clear, although sure it's offensive, it's not MEAN spirited, at all. He's personable, likable and works the crowd with as much skill as he tells jokes. There is an uncanny timing and effortless charm behind everything he does on stage. A great show.

Reggie Watts @ Saki
2: Reggie Watts  - Caught Reggie Watts at Saki records Saturday evening, which was also an incredible show albeit as far from Dave Attell's style as the other side of the universe, which is where Reggie might be from.  Describing a Reggie Watts performance is liking describing what the color purple tastes like. The only way to truly know Reggie is to experience Reggie. Every show is different, I mean DIFFERENT.  The man is improvising everything he does on stage, all his "songs" and probably 99% of his speaking material, if it could even be called material.  He doesn't really tell jokes as much as he just riffs on the fabric of the universe. As weird as it that sounds, and it does get weird, it's just as freaking funny.  What a treat it was to catch Watts at Saki  with a room of only 50 (approximately) other people. Very intimate, (he's played shows for thousands) Watts was about10 feet away during his hour long FREE performance. Kudos to Saki for putting that together. Unforgettable.

Danny Kallas At Mayne Stage
3: Danny Kallas - Danny Kallas was the feature act for Dave Attell. As good as I've ever scene him, Confident and remarkably charming. Perfect match for Attell. Kallas got the crowd nice and warmed up, and delivered probably the best set I've ever scene him perform. Bang up job.

Junior Stopka At Mayne Stage
4: Junior Stopka - Junior Stopka was not even supposed to perform. But Attell, heard Stopka was at the Friday 10:30 show and asked if he would mind doing a little time (that's how cool Attell is). Stopka of course said yes, (killed it) and did so well Attell asked him to open for the rest of the weekend.  Stopka's recent national touring experience with Doug Stanhope was clearly apparent and his oddball style was also a perfect fit for Atell. Stopka wasn't even sure he was going to the Friday show until I confrimed him as my guest... That's fate people (If it sounds like I'm trying to take credit for this impromptu booking... Yes. Yes I am... no not really - Major props to Attell and Mayne stage management for making that happen).

Reggie Watts  At Tour De Fat
5: Reggie Watts #2 - Reggie also performed at the Tour De Fat which was epic as well. Take everything I just said about Watts and now place that it in a park with thousands of people, ice cold beer and a very good cause. Fun in the sun. Not as intimate but just as awesome.

Check out our pics from the weeks events.
James Allen Kamp