Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekly Top 5

Time for the Weekly Top 5... This list is subjective, based on opinions, and only covers events we actually went to. So of course we missed some shit... Here are the 5 best things that happened last week.

Sean Flannery Hosting The Blackout Diaries
The Blackout Diaries. If you haven't heard of the Blackout diaries... put it on your radar. Basically it's one of the best nights for laughs in the city. Comics and also real people tell true drinking stories. Sometimes scary, sometimes unbelievable, always pretty freaking funny. The Red Eye, The Reader, Time Out Chicago and yours truly have all singled this show out as a "must do" and/or "Chicago's best". Was a packed house this past Saturday. Hosted by the founder and prolific comedian/producer Sean Flannery. Every Saturday! At The Lincoln Lodge, 4008 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago Il. RECOMMENDED!

Jeanie Doogan Hosting @ The Laugh Factory
Saturday Night at The Laugh Factory. For a real Chicago comedy fan there is nothing like watching local comics who have all come up together (more or less), perform on stage as part of a killer lineup and just destroy. Kudos to the Laugh Factory for booking some of the best local lineups available. It's making a huge difference n the scene for both comics to get paid for their work, and audience that crave a quality product.
3175 N Broadway St, Chicago, IL(773) 327-3175

Mike Lebovitz Headlining at The Sidebar Show
The Sidebar Show. New showcase is taking scene by storm. Got the opportunity to check it out this past Tuesday. Mike Lebovitz destroyed to a very packed house. Tomorrows show looks to be sold out already. Great lineups and sweet specials very close to CTA stops. Do it. At the Riverview Tavern 1958 W Roscoe St. 60618 Every Tuesday, Doors @ 8:30PM - $4 Beer 1/2 Appetizers
$5 Cover - 2 for 1 online!!

Will Miles doing it @ The Laugh Factory
Will Miles. Miles had a stand out performance at the Laugh Factory on Saturday night. Miles Has really turned up his skill set in the last few months and is more than ready for his imminent departure to NY city for new opportunities. Also can we just say - the nicest guy in the scene. A staple of the Chicago comedy scene, Miles' presence was stabilizing in many ways. He was a consistent, hard working, "comics comic" who would always take time to chat with new comedians and talk shop with anybody. One of the first comedians we ever interviewed and an early supporter of COC. Dude will be sorely missed.

The Mic With No Name @ The Hidden Shamrock.  Bang up open mic! Had a a blast on Friday. It's just a super fun Mic with great hosts and killer specials. Timmy Brochu and Sarah Gallagher work hard to run a tight ship but still give it that loose and fun "family" feel. Every Friday night
At the Hidden Shamrock. 2723 N. Halsted, Chicago
Sign up @ 6:30, Show @ 7PM. Every Friday!

James Allen Kamp