Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Video Day!

Remember back in school, the day before a big holiday or winter break and your teacher would have "video day" where you just goofed off and watched flicks all day. Your teacher would always say it was "educational" but you had the nagging suspicion they just didn't want to work hard the day before vacation. Well class... today is kind of like that. To be fair, all 3 videos are comedy related in some way and the third one is locally produced. Enjoy.

They say Thanksgiving is the biggest shopping week of the year. But before you get that new theater sound system from Best Buy, check out this parody video sent to us (just released!) by Above Average Comedy (the same folks who produce SNL, Portlandia, 30 rock etc).

The above was an exclusive interview BET sent us with Kathy Griffin. She talks politics, segregation in comedy and SNL's diversity problem.   

This video was produced by local Chicago comic Sean Monroe. Pretty dang funny. Better than half the  comedy sketches you see on network TV. Be sure to catch Sean's monthly showcase Wings, Drinks And Jokes in the heart of Wicker Park this Monday. At SubT Lounge - 2011 W. North Ave Chicago, Il.

James Allen Kamp