Tuesday, December 3, 2013

On The Scene...

Will Miles @ the Comedians You Should Know  showcase
The amount of comedy you can catch in this town on any given week is almost overwhelming. Between 50+ open mics (that I know about) and dozens of comedy showcases; not to mention 4+ major comedy dedicated clubs, it's almost impossible not to fall knee deep into this scene, if you know about it that is... Despite the amazing variety of comedy options (and we're not even discussing the improv scene) in this town, it always surprises me when I meet people who have not enjoyed a stand-up show in Chicago - yet claim to be big comedy fans. So we try to rectify that with our regular "What's Popping" segments and consistent promotion spots. But that, for the most part, is mostly written text and the fact of the matter is I take a sh*t ton of pics everywhere I go. So... they say a picture is worth a thousand words and today I just wanted to post up a a small sample of pics from the last 7 days or so (name of comic and venue is captioned underneath each pic). You can see all the pics on our FB fan page photos section. Enjoy! (Back with long ass written articles tomorrow I promise!)

Calvin Evans @ Coles Bar
Nigel Ng @ Merkle's Bar & Grill
Prescott Tolk @ CYSK
Brian Wildcat Smith @ Coles
Adam Burke @ Coles
Davey Boy Helem @ Jokes and Notes
Joe Kilgallon@ CYSK
Khaleel The Comedian
Marvin D Phipps @ Jokes and Notes
Rebecca Fass @ Merkles
Ricky Gonzalez @ CYSK
Sonia Denis @ Comedy Sportz
Vanessa Fraction @ Coles
James Allen Kamp