Saturday, January 25, 2014

Pat McGann On Letterman + More...


Yo! Wanted to give a huge props to Chicago's own Pat McGann who was on The Late Show With David Letterman last night. That's kind of a huge deal people. Pat's been a regular of Zanies and a consistent stalwart of the Chicago scene for some time now. Watch this when you get a chance, Pat pretty much nailed his Letterman debut.  Also embedded a couple other clips, cause Saturday is always a good day for videos...

This is not stand up related per se, but it is pretty goddamn funny. If you dislike boy bands or hate the use of auto tune in the music industry, wait to you hear this pop group without it. Hilarious. Hurt my stomach laughing to this shit.

Finally this video was co-produced by former Chicago comedian Lauren Vino who now lives and works in New York city. It's about butt sex. Also co-produced by Lyra Smith. Clip is cute and fun... Unlike actual butt sex. Enjoy.

James Allen Kamp