Monday, January 20, 2014

What's Poppin!

Hey Chicago comedy fans! You're probably wondering what the haps are this week, and I gotta tell ya, there are LOTS OF HAPS to sort through. Special one-off's, weekly hits, and everything in between. This scene is a vibrant powerhouse of talent, and no show should ever be taken for granted. Yeah, you could get out to one next week, but what if you miss something special this time around, you smelly procrastinator? Don't be like that. Be with it. The name's James, by the way. No not that guy. Different guy. James Webb. Pleased to meet ya. Here we go.

Comedy Evening Reunion Show!!
If your incredible life precludes you from doing all but one thing this week, make sure this is that one thing. Evil genius Dan Friesen and all-star jam-ophile Nate Burrows are bringing their show back for ONE NIGHT ONLY. They're keeping the lineup under wraps, but one can only assume it'll be a banger of a show. Seating is very limited, so make sure you get ahold of Dan or Nate before it's too late.
at Citizen Bar - 364 W Erie St.
Only a couple blocks west of the Chicago Red Line.
TONIGHT!! - 8:45pm - FREE

Hoo HA Comedy at ROCKIT! Not the chicken or the lover of Pigeons but we got TYSON!
This place is always ablaze with some of the most rockin' laugh-machines you can see in the city. The city's best all-lady stand up team has not one, but TWO super special surprise studs stacking a stellar lineup this week, and its gonna be a loooooooong time before you get to see these peeps together in one place again. You have to go to find out who, though. Shouldn't be hard, right?
Tyson Karrasch headlines
Kristen Toomey
Erica Nicole Clark
Sean White
Xavier Lamont
hosted by Colleen Farrell
And those super secret guests too.
at Rockit Burger Bar - 3700 N Clark
Right off the Addison Red Line
8:30pm $5 online here
$8 at the door

The Sidebar Show
One of the most well-produced shows in the city. A regular sell-out boasting all of our bestest besties, this diamond has really great food (THEY HAVE POUTINE, GUYS), the softest chairs in the scene, and the most well put-together bar staff in the business. Located properly in its own room on the side of the bar (wait...). Check dis:
Danny Kallas
Emily Galati
Pat McGann
David Drake
Jonah Jurkens
The Riverview Tavern - 1958 W Roscoe
9pm - $5 tickets here

Chicago Underground Comedy
Staple show with some huge names attached to it. Sometimes those huge names come back. A great lineup with promises of a special guest makes me think that applies to this week. Check it.
Joe Fernandez
Nate Simmons
Adam Burke
Mike & Duane
Rebecca O'Neal
Pat McGann
hosted by Natalie Jose
Plus a special guest.
at Beat Kitchen - 2100 W Belmont
9:30pm $5 at the door

The Blind Bet
There's a lot of secrecy going around this week. Scandalous, yeah? Nah, not really. But it is pretty cool. Like this show. It's like the most secretest show there is. Wanna know who's headlining? Show up. Find out. Duh.
Calvin Evans
Camerin Gillette
Drew Frees
Tyson Karrasch
The Pony - 1630 W Belmont
Two blocks south of the Paulina Brown Line stop
9pm - $5 tickets here

Stand-Up Throw-Down
This Logan Square gem is the jammy-jam. A ton of stellar folk come through here every week, and these peeps always add some super sweet last-minute biz to their lineups, so buy your tickets early, ya boner. And if you're a comic, you get in free, PLUS this thing takes place around the corner from Cole's, so you can sign up early and catch this show while you wait for your spot! HOW BADLY DO YOU WANT TO WIN?
Bill Cruz headlines (GURL!)
Aaron Sutherland
Sammy Arechar
Bryan Christopher
Josh Johnson
Ryan Mason
hosted by Timmy Brochu
at Township - 2200 N California
Spitting distance from the California Blue Line
$10 at the door/$5 with college I.D.
9pm - $5 tickets here

Comedians You Should Know
The best show in the city, hands down. This place just had an incredible week with their 6 year anniversary spectacular and the Joe Kilgallon farewell show. Things are gonna get interesting now that one of their main dudes has left the nest for the smelliest city ever (LA, nerds). And quite honestly, I don't even need to tell you the lineup. Just go. You won't regret it.
Timothy O'Toole's Pub
622 N Fairbanks Ct.
A few blocks east if you take the 151 bus to Ohio St
9pm - $5 tickets here  $10 at the door

My favoritest thing in the world. If I had children, I would gladly ignore them every waking minute of my life for this show. Ok, not really. But kinda. ANYWAY, this show always has stellar lineups, the funkiest beats in the universe, and the posteriest posters this week, hand-crafted in a Photoshop dungeon by yours truly. I'd love to say more awesome and totally true things about this show, but in the interest of not falling off the extremely thin tightrope of non-bias I'm desperately clinging to, here's the lineup.
Emily Galati headlines
Nathan Simmons
David Philips
Collin Bullock
Mike Bobrinskoy
hosted by Todd THE BIRTHDAY BOY Massey
With a very special surprise guest.
at The Crocodile - 1540 N Milwaukee
Right off the Damen Blue Line
9pm - FREE SHOW & FREE PIZZA with every drink

The Yeah Buddy Awesome Time Comedy Show!
One of the wackiest shows on the planet, this monthly treat is so many good things at once: BYOB, FREE, and it's IN A COMIC BOOK STORE. Oh, and you know how I said that thing about making posters earlier? Well they make em too, and I fucking love em. Check out this bill.
Alex Stone
Trey Brown
Tim Barnes
Dave Losso
Amy Shanker
Cameron Davis
Sean Moon
hosted by Jason Melton
With special guests!
at Brainstorm Comics - 1579 N Milwaukee
Off the Damen Blue Line
8:30pm - FREE

Thank You Very Much: The Empire Strikes Back
Another monthly affair, this shindig is much more than a show. First of all, it's in an art gallery, and if that isn't classy enough for you, Fancy Pants, there's also a super slick DJ spinning hot beats all night after the show. Last month, Chicago greats Hannibal Buress and Lil Rel stopped in, and host Davey Boy Helem is promising even more special guests this time around on top of an already phenomenal lineup.
Taneshia Rice
Marvin Phipps
Kolin Bohannon
hosted by Davey Boy Helem
Yeah, there will be special guests.
at NYCH Gallery - 643 W 18th
A block east of Halsted on 18th
$10 at the door

Tuxedo Cat Comedy
A biweekly bash and a half, this show is a wonderful mix of great up-and-comers and mainstays. One of the best ways to end your weekend, in my humble opinion. They've got the cheapest beers around, and everyone in that bar, both staff and patron, are the friendliest folks you could ever hope to meet. You'd be hard-pressed to find a more comfortable atmosphere for joke-listenin', plus it's an early show, so there's no pressure to stay out late before the workweek starts up. Here's how they're finishing January.
Ali Clayton
Matt Riggs
Taneshia Rice
Jake McKenzie
Kevin Brody
John Margelewski
Jerry Tran
hosted by Rebecca Fass
at The Innertown Pub - 1935 W Thomas
Head west from the Division Blue Line for a handful of blocks, then turn left on Winchester
7pm - FREE!

Of course there are some shows missing from this list, so expect a mid-week update on Thursday for good measure. Now get out there and be somebody!

Contributing Writer
James Webb