Friday, April 18, 2014

Weekend Fever

What the hell was that falling out of the sky this week? Snow!? F*ck that. No more. I refuse. It's April damn it. Mother nature you need to hear this: NO MORE. Officially declaring Chicago coldness (AKA winter, but hell it's already spring, so I guess we just need to be more specific) to be over. Just not gonna stand for it, I vow to pretend it's warm and wear shorts every time it even seems like the temperature might drop. Freaking weather...

So despite the cold snap, it's the weekend, the sun is out, we just had a marathon week of JFL audition shows, (took ton of pics) and the comedy fun ain't over. The scene is still strong this weekend so we just wanted to post up some of the best events that should be on your radar. Enjoy.

Movie night at the WIP Theater - Fundraiser and Housewarming
at The WIP Theater
According to the owners, this brand new north-side Chicago neighborhood theater plans to have stand-up comedy play a huge role in it's programing. So if you support the concept of comics getting paid, please support this new venue.
Fundraiser includes: Free WINE & BEER + Free FOOD + Prizes Raffle  + More
Doors@ 7:30pm
Food & Wine Served @ 8PM
6670 N. Northwest Highway, Chicago, Illinois 60631
Get tickets also support the kickstarter here.

Goofballs United Vol 4:
at The Den Theatre
Upstairs Gallery & The Steamroller present: WHAM CITY!
Sketch + Standup + Improv.
With special guests Wham City Comedy! "Fresh off their Adult Swim debut,
Wham City Comedy *sketch*
The Puterbaugh Sisters *stand up*
UG House team - Dead$ *improv*
Tonight @ 11PM

PreGame Comedy
Door No. 3 Comedy
Doors - 630p
Show - 700p
Sean White
Kristen Toomey
Dylan Scott
Melissa Richelle
Rob Wilson
Hosted by Prateek Srivastava
Brian Babylon

BRIAN BABYLON: April 18-19
157 W Ontario Chicago, Il.
Great opportunity to catch Babylon (NPR, Vocalo 90.7 FM, Just For Laughs) work one of Chicago's top venues. Buy Tickets online for discount
Fri & Sat!

Solid(Hil)Arity Forever #3
Grassroots Collaborative , 637 S Dearborn
Sonia Denis -Headlines!
Hosted by Kristin Ryan.

The April Gogo Show!
at The Lincoln Loft
Kris Simmons
Anna Lucero
Amy Nico Schwartz
Lady Splooge
Ashley Thornton
Cynthia Shur Petts
Maria Wojciechowski
Plucky Rosenthal
Andrea Wallace

Sean White
Make Yourself At Home Presents: Sean White!
at Make Yourself At Home - 2723 N. Halsted, Chicago, Il.
Timmy Brochu - Hosts:
Raymond Holleb
Cameron Gillette
Mike Wiley
Samuel Alex Orozco
Al Park (In from Boston Making Himself At Home)
Sean White - Headliner!

Work It Out Open Mic
at the Township - 2200 N. California
Starts @ 6PM!
Melissa Richelle hosts Work it out!
Great room to work out material, awesome sound and a nice stage. If you come in from the Burbs or the South Side you get extra time. This is one of the best stages in the city, come out and help make You'll get around 5 min.
$3 drink specials!

The Best Medicine Show!
at The California Clipper - 1002 North California Avenue
Comedy Showcase!Blake Burkhart
Tom Wisdom
Rebecca O'Neal
Headliner - Tyson Karrasch!
Hosted by Kristin Ryan!

6318 N. Clark St. Chicago, Il
Showcase Comedy in Rogers Park!
Dave Helem
Rudy Ruiz
Woog Johnson
Jeff Baylock
Murphy Row
Bridget Clymore

James Allen Kamp