Thursday, April 10, 2014

In The News...

Yes this is the all things Chicago comedy site, but there's a big shiny world out there filled with all kinds of national comedy news, so occasionally I like to post a bunch of links to comedy news/events/articles that should be on your radar. First off the bat, did you see Louis C.K. on SNL a week ago? He performed a 9 minute monologue/set, and we're still pretty surprised at how many folks completely missed it. Check it out above, also inserted bunch of relevant comedy news links below. Enjoy.

Stephen Colbert to replace David Letterman as Late Show host in 2015
Was kind of hoping beyond hope that Hannibal Buress would get this because well, you know...

The Onion/AV Club comedy festival adds Mike Lebovitz and Adam Burke
As predicted/hoped for, the new festival has added some local heavyweights to the lineup.

Hannibal Buress On Moving To New York With '$200 And Dreams'
Buress on NPR's new game show, "Ask Me Another" - funny stuff.

David Koechner - LIVE @ PARK WEST! - 4/11
This is tomorrow!

Oxygen’s "Funny Girls" follows rising Los Angeles female comedians
No official word on cast yet, but our inside voices tell us there will be some former Chicago comics in this thing...

Standup Comedian John Pinette Found Dead at Age 50
Very Sad.

Will Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele reboot ‘Police Academy’ franchise?
Huh, really? Does any one really want/need this to happen?

Listen: 1981 David Letterman interview on Fresh Air with Terry Gross
Classic pre-podcast audio.

The JV Club #104: Aisha Tyler
I dig her.

Tracy Morgan Tells Arsenio Hall About His Crack Dealing Days

3 Ways Stand-Up Comedy Can Apply to Job Interviewing
I don't know if showing up drunk and cocky is such a good idea, but OK...

Can a Comedian Sue If Someone Steals His Material?

Talking to W. Kamau Bell About Standup, 'Totally Biased'
Interview with Kamau Bell, he's been doing the rounds a lot lately to support his tour. Really nice guy.

Silicon Valley Clip Serves T.J. Miller A Bowl Of Binary Soup
T.J. Miller stands out on this show.

Watch: HBO’s Silicon Valley, first full episode for free
Speaking of which here's a free episode.

James Allen Kamp