Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Weekly Top 5

It's the Weekly Top 5! As always this list is subjective, based on opinions and only covers events we actually went to. So of course, we missed some shit... Here are the 5 best things that happened last week.

Matty Ryan and Adam Burke - Members of the Parlour Crew

The Parlour Car 2 Year Anniversary Show: In the last two years Parlour Car has been making a solid name for itself as a top comedy provider in the Chicago scene. Now two years may not seem like a profound amount of time to actually celebrate a serious anniversary, but trust me in comedy it can be a lifetime. The PC anniversary show did not disappoint. Holy sh*t balls talk about a marathon comedy show (Three hours +). But the standing room audience was 100 % game for it. At least 15 comics went up. All of them banged it out  like professionals. Hell of a show. Big props to the entire Parlour Car crew for making it to year 2.

Final Chicago sets of Alex Stone: Alex Stone has left Chicago. We got lucky and caught him perform last week, before he left. He came in to town like a journeyman apprentice, plenty of comedy skills but looking to get better, He dived into the Chicago scene like a boss and got crazy scary good. And now he's leaving for New York. And that's just how it is sometimes. Chicago can do that. We're like the Navy Seals Training center for comedians. Alex was good when he got here.. But now he's a goddamn monster. Good luck Alex.

Joey Villagomez Headlining @ The Blind Bet: Joey is the best. Great guy off stage, pure assassin on the microphone. Always up for the room, always ready to interact with the crowd. He's gotten so good over the last two years. Ready for prime time. Got bits for sure, but never scared of crowd work. He disarms you with his personable attitude, then goes for the kill by the end of the set.

Junior Stopka trying to do "Crowd work": Speaking of crowd work. Last week during his feature set Junior literally walked off the stage into the audience to do some riffing with the crowd. It was hilarious... Dangerous yeah, but also hilarious. Sure the woman in the crowd got a litter nervous as he approached, nice and creepy close. And sure the tension in the air was palpable... No one ever really knows what Juniors gonna do. And yeah the headliner bagged on Stopka for it (then did a nice safe set). But hey... I like that shit. Sets like that are what make comedy dangerous. And danger + comedy equals art my friends.

Danny "Sticky Fingers" Kallas
Danny Kallas: Danny killed it with a nice loud set Parlour Car at the 2 year anniversary show. Kallas has a uncanny sense of timing that can only be described as sick. He's got so much material he's liking like a prize fighter, picking and choosing what blows to knock you the fuck out with. Danny is a true pro. May he never leave Chicago.