Thursday, April 16, 2015

Stand Up Stand Up Celebrates it's Three Year Anniversary

SUSU Celebrates it's Three Year Anniversary TONIGHT
Independent showcases are the life blood of the Chicago comedy scene. Not only do they provide critical, real world, stage time for comedians, but they are also an important "farm system" of sorts. It's where bookers can scout talent and comedians can fine tune their set in front of a real crowds away from the open mic grind. Nothing can tell a comedian what jokes are working faster then the reaction of a live crowd.

But the problem with Chicago showcases is they can also come and go faster then a Hollywood movie flop at your local cinema house. The number of independent showcases that can stand the test of time in this town are a very hearty and rare breed indeed. One such showcases is STAND UP STAND UP which goes down every Thursday in Wicker Park at at the Crocodile lounge. SUSU has became a influential force in the scene and has consistently put up some of the best comedians in the city, including some superstar performers like Hannibal Buress.

Three years ago no one had really been able to pull off a successful showcase in wicker park. But the producers had a vision and now there are several shows in this area. But SUSU was the first to pull it off and tonight they are celebrating their Three Year anniversary. Should be a real bananas type show with some incredible Chicago comedians. Check out the stacked lineup:

Dave Helem
Marlena Rodriguez
Corey Calvert
Marvin D Phipps
Lara Beitz
Jake McKenzie
Mikey Manker
Keith Paesel
Todd Massey
Sean White

$3 online, $5 at the door.
Doors at 8:30.
1540 N Milwaukee.
Free pizza + Cheap beer.