Friday, May 1, 2015

Chris Redd on JBTV

If your a regular on this site, you know one topic that gets brought up a lot is the lack of "industry" here in Chicago. Particularly the television industry, which results in veteran comedians leaving town for bigger opportunities in L.A. or NYC. So it's always exciting to see new home grown opportunities pop up. One such development is the emergence of  Fourstar Stand-Up's - a stand up comedy television showcase filmed at JBTV Studios, which is traditionally a music concert/video channel. I checked out the stand-up show last week and was thoroughly impressed. The production values are top notch. Don't believe me? Check out this clip of Chicago's comedian Chris Redd, who just landed a recurring role on the new ABC show Family Fortune. Redd is a legit comedy monster and should be blowing up real soon. One of the most exciting aspects of this show is that comedy fans can be part of it too...

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