Monday, May 25, 2015

That Makes You Crazy

In comedy we hear several tales of depression, mental disorders, and what would otherwise be sad stories being turned for humor purposes. The feeling is every comedian has their demons.

I’ve often times said that stand-up is my therapy. After dealing with the death of a close family member I dove head first into the comedy scene in my hometown without acknowledging that my career was my distraction from the realization of the loss. I remember the night of, I did a set at a local open mic with my mom in the audience. At the time that was my escape - but that doesn’t make me or any of my comedy peers lunatics.

The truth is for any job you have to be a little crazy. When you set yourself up for judgment it seems like a daunting task that no regular human would want to take on. Looking deeper, every job is like comedy in that sense. We work for laughs and the basis of our ranking in our career is based on laughs and who is around when those laughs happen.

If you’re an office intern and you want a promotion, you’re going to be judged and evaluated based on your performance. If you’re in the military, your ranking is based on what you do and how you do it. You’re rewarded with badges and raises. Comedians are awarded with festivals and TV credits. The truth is not in the art of comedy, but in living.

Contributing Writer
Martin Morrow