Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A Comedic Homecoming

Kenny DeForest, Clark Jones and Will Miles
On Monday night, Chicago's own Will Miles, Clark Jones and Kenny Deforest triumphantly returned home to a packed house at the legendary Zanies comedy club.

The boys have done pretty dang well for them selves since moving to NYC. All of them have opened for national headliners, been in major comedy festivals and are making big waves in the New York comedy scene. The trio are also the current hosts of the red hot "Comedy at the Knitting Factory" in Brooklyn New York (former room/club of Hannibal Buress) which has been featured on The Huffington Post and voted TimeOut New York's "Best LIVE weekly show".

The homecoming show was outstanding. Big props to Zanies for creating the opportunity and getting all three young comics on stage together, which was a pretty big deal. The house was crowded with lots of family and friends of the trio, but also quite a few hardcore comedy fans. Kristen Toomey hosted the hell out of the damn thing and Giulia Rozzi performed a nice, tight guest spot.

But the boys definitely killed the damn thing like they were supposed to. No question about that.. Miles brought his trademark, laid-back pothead/black hippie humor and Deforest was a high energy, frenetic joke master who had literally raced from his late flight to the stage just in time. Clark Jones was especially sharp and on point, delivering some of the biggest laughs of the night. All in all it was pretty amazing to see how much artistic growth has happened for these guys since moving to NYC. Keep your eyes on all three, big things to come.

James Allen Kamp