Friday, June 19, 2015

Weekend Popping!

As per usual, there's a lot going on in the Chicago Comedy scene this weekend... ESPECIALLY The 4th Annual Chicago Women's Funny Festival which has scheduled some of the best performers in Chicago - male or female. Chicago comedian, writer and producer Kellye Howard is debuting her solo musical one act play, which looks to be a hot ticket of the festival and should definitely be on your radar. Here's Zwhat else is popping this weekend.

Mike Lebovitz Headlines The Comedy Bar
at The Comedy Bar - 500 N Lasalle above Gino's East in River North.
Club favorite Mike Lebovitz is headlining this weekend at The Comedy Bar.
Catch him before he leaves for New York City!
Friday and Saturday (June 18 - June 20)
8PM & 10PM
$20 Tickets - No Drink Minimum 

Kick Punch Stand Up - 6/19/15
Friday June 19th - 8PM
Max Friedman
Joe Bates
Liz Magee
David Rader
Michelle Nolim
Jason Melton
David Drake
Totally Free + BYOB!

At North -1637 W North Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60622
Gonna be bananas. Do it.
Friday 8PM
In this 40-minute solo musical performance Kellye Howard takes us on an emotionally hilarious roller
coaster through the life of a newly married 30 something, wrestling to balance career goals,
family plans, and depression. Part of the The 4th Annual Chicago Women's Funny Festival
Saturday at 6:30PM
at Bughouse Theater
Derek Smith
Ed Towns
Mona Aburmishan
Dylan Scott
Prateek Srivastava
Rishika Murthy
Sameena Mustafa
Sat at 7:00pm

Sat at 7:00pm
2242 N Halsted Apt 2 Chicago, IL 60614

Comfort Food COmedy Presents: Kristin Clifford
Mike Wiley
Michael Sanchez
Anthony Bonazzo
Vince Acevedo
One block from Redline
3 Blocks from Brownline
Dylan Scott
Dave Maher
Meaghan Strickland
Blake Burkhart
Rachel McCartney
Steven King
Michelle Slonim (guest from New York!)
Zach PetersonSunday at 4:00pm