Wednesday, March 30, 2016

JFL Auditions Week!!

Two BIG Just For laugh Auditions are happening this week. If you didn't know - JFL is the largest comedy festival in the world and the Montreal based festival holds auditions at clubs around the country to recruit top talent, which has been good for the entire Chicago comedy scene.

For comics, getting into JFL is an important career advantage, for fans is a great way to see all their favorite Chicago comedians in one place for free (or almost free).

This week Three big shows are going on.

AND we've got EXCLUSIVE Laugh Factory COMPS ($20 Value) If you've always wanted to visit the world famous Laugh Factory, but didn't have the $$$ now is your chance!!

JFL Auditions Laugh Factory
Wednesday, March 30th (TONIGHT) - 8pm Just For Laughs Audition - DO NOT MISS
Want Comps!? Just call box office (773) 327-3175, using code "comedy of Chicago" and reserve tix (Up to 4) for the and THAT'S IT!!!!!!
Insane Chicago Lineup:
1. Martin Morrow
2. Adam Burke
3. Lucas O'Neil
4. Jeff Arcuri
5. Emily Galati
6. Drew Frees
7. Dave Helem
8. TBA
9. Danny Kallas
10. Natalie Jose
11. Brian "Da Wildcat" Smith
12. Marty DeRosa  
13. Taneisha Rice  
14. Tristan Triptow  
15. Abi Sanchez
16. David Drake
17. Amy Shanker
18. Rachel McCartney
19. Felonius Munk

20. Gwen La Roka
Laugh Factory
3175 N. Broadway
Chicago, IL 60657

JFL Auditions Jokes and Notes
Jokes and Notes is also hosting a special JUST FOR LAUGHS Showcase
Thursday, March 31st!
Show starts promptly at 8:30 PM
Featuring today's up and rising comics.
Hosted by Meechie Hall for more information on upcoming shows

JFL Lincoln Lodge
8PM April 1st
SPECIAL edition of The Lincoln Lodge (Chicago's longest running independent showcase) this Friday April 1st at 8pm!
Andy Fleming hosts 
Tim Barnes, 
Kelsie Huff, 
Sammy Arechar, 
Kevin Lobkovich, 
Lara Beitz, 
Kyle Scanlan, 
Rebecca V. O'Neal, 
Ricky Gonzalez, 
Kristin Clifford, 
Derek Smith,
Alex Kumin, 
Trey Brown, & 
Sonia Denis!

JFL Auditions at The Annoyance Theatre
A FREE solo performance showcase for the Just for Laughs comedy festival – one evening only!
Thursday, March 31 from 6:00–7:00
Next show: Thursday, March 31 @ 6:00 pm
Tickets: FREE - please reserve your space below
Venue: Mainstage