Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Trick or Treat at Zanies Comedy Club!

Check out this SUPER lineup of local, newer, comedians getting prized stage time at Chicago's most legendary comedy club: Zanies , through the Halloween weekend. It's a special oppertunity for newer comics to get on that famed stage in front of bookers who can actually help make their comedic aspirations come true. Bert Haas - Executive Vice President of Zanies, will be in attendance at all showcases as he continues to search for talent he can book in 2017 & beyond. New shows and lineups each night starting on Oct 26th. If your a TRUE Chicago comedy fan, you shouldnt miss this chance to watch Chicago's new class of rising star comedians. 

Wednesday, October 26th:
Sherman Edwards
Reena Calm
Andrew Tavin
Brandi Denise
Rad Turkin
Sharup Karim
Ron Ervin
Sarah Vulpio
Anna Rose
Chris Tani
Joe Lancey*
Claire Swanson
Miles Hendrix
Seth Davis

Thursday, October 27th:

Kelsie Huff
Ben Bergman
Stephanie Weber
Geoffrey Asmus
Tyler Ross
David Freeburg
Jake West
Gregory Joseph
David Phillips
John Eide
Colby Kennedy
Spark Tabor
Lauren Hooberman
Alex Seligsohn

Friday, October 28th
Adam Minnick
Sameena Mustafa
Jan Slavin
Ariana Freeman
Joe Horan
Jaime DeLeon
Travis Spotts
Trevor Gertonson
Ralph LaGuere
Nate Simmons
Danny Schill
Robert Jenkins
Lainie Lenertz
Darius Kennedy

Scott Duff
Julia Brown
Erin Field
Conor Cawley*
Gena Gephart
Soli Santos
Vincent Bryant
Jarrel Barnes
Terence Hartnett
Sohrab Forouzesh
Brittani Ferguson
Stefania Rudd
Amy Sumpter
Louis Nguyen

Saturday, October 29th
Mike Maxwell
Denise Medina
Samuel Priest*
Kristin Ryan
Sarah Albritton
Chris Higgins
Jason Melton
Caitlin Checkeroski
Kyle Scanlan
Alyssa Bujdoso
Abi Sanchez
Patrick O'Hara
Mike Stricker
Luke Schneider

Torey Adkins
Toler Wolfe*
Kate Cullan
Amanda Lynn Deal
Sandrall Ross
Peter Maj
Amy Schwartz
Krista Atkinson
Kat Herskovic
Cris Clem
Luca Ferro
Em Brown
Rachel Lindberg
Rodney Lumpkins

Mike Menendez
Timmy Whitzell
Tyler Menz
Kyna Lenhof
Jonathan Giles
Patty Vaccarella
Patrick Kent
Josh Branham
Elyse Nylin
Melissa Richelle
Will Stagg
Mike Hover
Keith Paesel
Dane Arden*

Sunday, October 30th
Callbacks!!! (For those comics who do exceptionally well)
Staff Editor - Ashley Lane