Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Comedy...

It's Halloween night! No plans? Looking for some cool free comedy sh*t to do? We've got you covered. Check out this 100% FREE comedy show tonight!

at The Store,
2002 N Halsted St, Chicago, Illinois 60614
Show Starts - 7:00 PM
Free Halloween showcase!
Each comedian will perform a short character set. The show will end at 9PM so you can still go out!
Ben Banach,
Bobby Condon,
Steve Gerard,
Erin Grotheer,
Pat Hoban,
Merrit Landsteiner,
Nicky Martin,
Dave Metz,
Martin Morrow,
Mary Novokhovsky,
Brad Rickert,
David Sartoris,
Sabeen Sadiq,
Megan Stalter
Meghan Sullivan.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Haunted House with Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart

Late night host of The Tonight's Show, Jimmy Fallon, and Kevin Hart, stand up comedian and actor, take a trip to one of the scariest haunted house around. See Hart talking mad shit before almost taking one in his pants and Fallon coward before it barely gets started. These two are absolutely ridiculous. If you like watching people get scared out of their mind, check this out and see if they make it out alive!

Staff Editor - Ashley Lane

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Trick or Treat at Zanies Comedy Club!

Check out this SUPER lineup of local, newer, comedians getting prized stage time at Chicago's most legendary comedy club: Zanies , through the Halloween weekend. It's a special oppertunity for newer comics to get on that famed stage in front of bookers who can actually help make their comedic aspirations come true. Bert Haas - Executive Vice President of Zanies, will be in attendance at all showcases as he continues to search for talent he can book in 2017 & beyond. New shows and lineups each night starting on Oct 26th. If your a TRUE Chicago comedy fan, you shouldnt miss this chance to watch Chicago's new class of rising star comedians. 

Wednesday, October 26th:
Sherman Edwards
Reena Calm
Andrew Tavin
Brandi Denise
Rad Turkin
Sharup Karim
Ron Ervin
Sarah Vulpio
Anna Rose
Chris Tani
Joe Lancey*
Claire Swanson
Miles Hendrix
Seth Davis

Monday, October 24, 2016

Comedians to Know: Rebecca O'Neal

Rebecca O'Neal is a Chicago based stand up comedian and writer/editor that is blowing up the local comedy scene. O'Neal is a witty young comic who shares tales of growing up on the South-Side and her all her awkward love life moments. She is blunt, unapologetic, and utterly relatable. O'neal will be headlining at the Laugh Factory Chicago Oct 29th! which is huge. Go Rebecca!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Aziz Ansari Wants Millennials To Vote!

Every single fucking time we get to the election cycle, some celebrity reads a script, looks into the camera and tells you how important it is that you let your voice be heard. That's a fucking stupid way to get anyone to vote when you really think about it. No one has ever said, "I was really unsure about voting but Chingy really inspired me." Really? Stand up comedian and actor, Aziz Ansari is stunned, especially, with this election, that people are still on the fence about who to vote for! He brings funny and more realistic approach to the get out and vote.   

Staff Editor - Ashley Lane

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Calvin Evans on Derrick Rose!

If you haven't had a chance to check out the weekly web series #SunnyWithAChanceOfFunny, produced by stand up comedian and actor, Calvin Evans, it's highly suggested that you do. In this episode, Evans talks about the rape allegations & final verdict given to Derrick Rose as well as discussing the consensual sex issue. He also covers that fucking awkward moment of Rose, the jurors and the judge having a warm candid moment... WTF? It makes you want to question the professionalism of the case as a whole. 

Staff Editor - Ashley Lane

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

MLKs Minute: 1-800-WHT-GILT

So... in case you didn't know, there is a funny ass Chicago based comedy group known as the Martin Luther Kings of Comedy aka MLKs. Each member of this 6 man group bring so much personality & originality to the comedy scene. This video features one of the six MLKs members, stand up comedian, Michael N. Robinson taking a hilarious approach to cheesy infomercials that ask for donations. You have to check them out. They will have you laughing for days or see them perform Oct 28th at the Laugh Factory Chicago and see for yourself!

Staff Editor - Ashley Lane

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Jimmy Fallon and Jonah Hill Draw a Nude Model

Comedian and actor, Jonah Hill and The Tonight's Show host, Jimmy Fallon to take an art class at the Art League. Watch as they tap into their artistic side, starting with a still life of an artichoke to a live nude model of Hill's "dad"...? Fucking hilarious! 

Staff Editor - Ashley Lane

Monday, October 17, 2016

Kevin Hart - Making it in Chicago...

Make sure you check out Kevin Hart's NEW Comedy Central series, Hart of the City, which puts a well deserved spotlight on Chicago's hottest comedians. Local Chicago comics Calvin Evans, Just Nesh, Josh Johnson, and Erica Clark talked shop about and gave their insight what's special about the Chicago comedy scene. 

Staff Editor - Ashley Lane

Friday, October 14, 2016

Weekend Popping

Check out what's popping in the Chicago comedy scene this weekend!

Monore Martin at Zanies
1548 North Wells St.
Zanies consistently books the best comedians in the country and Monroe Martin is no exception.
Seen on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon", Comedy Central, and "Last Comic Standing" he will be performing at the legendary Zanies comedy club all weekend long. 
Friday -  Sunday
Call for times - 312-337-4027

500 N LaSalle Street, Chicago IL.
Amazing room & top notch comedians. In River North!
(312) 836-0499

The Laugh Factory
Comedy all weekend long!
Highly recommended.
3175 N Broadway St, Chicago, IL
(773) 327-3175

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Conan Hits the Gym with Kevin Hart!

Late night host of Conan O'Brien went to the gym with Kevin Hart - the first comedian to perform in a football stadium. Watch as they discuss his movie What Now? coming out October 14th.
But mostly watch them attempt to exercise. This is the silliest workout you will ever see. 

Staff Editor - Ashley Lane

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Ink Up Stand Up Competition!

Support your local comedians tonight at the Ink Up Stand Up competition at The Globe Pub in Chicago with your host Darius Kennedy. Come see fourteen top local comics compete for a chance at a trip to Hollywood! No cover charge.

First prize, airfare to LA to preform at the world famous Comedy Store in Hollywood on a Mello Comedic show. Second prize is a week at Riddles Comedy Club. Third prize is a spot on one of our Ink Up Stand Up showcases. 

Contest Lineup:
Rachel McCartneyy 
Prateek Srivastava
Amanda Cohen
Mike Unis
Tommy Irish Lion Karner
Lilly Allison
Ed Towns
Alex Seligsohn
Sam Norton
Brandon Kieffer
Tristan A. Smith
Jake West
Andrew Burcastro
Miles Hendrix
Keegan Buckingham
Pares Ratliff

Globe Pub is located
at 1934 W. Irving Park Rd.
Doors at 8:30pm and 
Show at 9:30PM

For more information click here.

Staff Editor - Ashley Lane

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Creepy Clowns...

Local comedian and Chicago's best kept secret, Calvin Evans, has own web series called "Sunny with a Chance of Funny" which has been one of our favorites around here lately. In this episode Calvin speaks about the #CreepyClown sightings taking place across the USA and lists his favorite and least favorite clowns. You can catch Calvin tonight at Cocktail Comedy show inside the VIP Foundation Room at House of Blues.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Branding U with Chris Redd!

Comedian Chris Redd (Chicago's own) has been blowing up this year. Not only did he a land a scene stealing role in the summer hit "Popstar: Never Stop Stopping" but he also moved to L.A. where he's gotten the opportunity to thrive. Check Redd out in the Web series "Branding U" where he plays "Sports Marketing Coach" Nicky G a character helps actual professional athletes build the "best brand" for their NFL careers. Featuring Baltimore Ravens' rookie wide receiver, Chris Moore.

Staff Editor - Ashley Lane

Friday, October 7, 2016

Fox News and it's racist Chinatown Segment...

Stand up comedian and The Daily Show correspondent Ronny Chieng calls Fox News interviewer Jesse Watters out. After China was mentioned in the recent debates, Watters' thought it would be smart to get some feedback from people who live in Chinatown?!? What the hell were you thinking, that's the worst idea ever. The "Watters World" segment on Chinatown was aired on Fox News. See for yourself as Chieng loses his mind over this.

Staff Editor - Ashley Lane

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Man Gets Mauled By A Bear Then Live Streams...

Chicago's own Calvin Evans in his web series #SunnyWithAChanceOfFunny, discusses a man who literally got mauled by a bear and somehow lived. Most people would go to the hospital, but this dude just had to live stream immediately to let the internet know he was OK.... When is it not appropriate to get out your phone and start recording tragic events?

Staff Editor - Ashley Lane

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hannibal Kicks Flavor Flav's Face

On the Eric Andre show Flavor Flav attempts to talk about his new solo album but no one knows what the hell he's saying. As the interview goes on, they start having technical  problems with the mic that turns into a surprise dick grabbing. Who would have known that Flav doesn't like dick grabs? He gets fucking heated and is ready to knock the shit out of the stagehand. The best part is watching Chicago's own Hannibal Buress, awkwardly standing around then out of nowhere, kick Flav in the face. Staged or real? You decide.

Staff Editor - Ashley Lane

Monday, October 3, 2016

Black Republicans for Trump!?

Ever wonder what it's like to be a black republican? A desperate Donald Trump has been pursuing the votes of African Americans claiming to be able to bring prosperity to their communities. Yeah. Tim Meadows, the comedy icon who got his start at Second City, does a hilarious take on what kind of black person votes for Trump. Watch Stephen Colbert's interview with "P.K. Winthrop", a black republican. Yes, he actually found one! Maybe this Trump University graduate can educate you before you hit the ballots.

Staff Editor - Ashley Lane

Trump vs. Clinton - SNL Style....

One of the most anticipated presidential debates in american history took place last week. But if you couldn't sit through the 90 minute affair no worries; SNL has you covered and pretty much nails it in this 9 minute sketch. Funny Stuff.