Monday, March 19, 2018

Get to the south side...

Jokes and Notes might be gone. But there are still some great rooms on the south side.

If your a comic who is really serious about performing stand-up comedy - and you have never performed at a south side room you really aint that serious & you're doing your self a disservice.

Nine times out of ten, such rooms will have a real "paid a cover" audience, a professional DJ, a dope ass host and real local stars who drop in to work out sets. Any serious comic who has performed at a black room and killed it - will tell you there is no feeling like it in comedy. And if you can confidently destroy in that type of room on a consistent basis - you can fucking kill anywhere.

Sure, some of the rooms are way out and maybe are a long drive or hard to get to on public transportation etc - So what, big deal... figure it  out like serious professional, go with a group, share a car, go Uber Pool whatever it takes. This art form is difficult as hell so push yourself and get out of all the lazy comfort zones. Joke and notes aint coming back, and shitty north-side mics are a dime a dozen right now. But there are some magical rooms going down on the south side that are the next best thing to what jokes 7 notes use to be...

Here are some recommended rooms you should check out...

Manic Music Mondays
at Frances Cocktail Lounge
307 E 75th St, Chicago, IL.
Open Mic and Showcase.List goes out at 8:30PM
Hosted by Just Nesh & Marilee
Closet contender to legendary Joke and Notes open mic that was ran for years.
Lots of drink specials - #1 Southside Mic.
Recommended Highly!!

So What Sundays Comedy Night
at The Rockin Horse Saloon (Note this is in the south Suburbs)5200 W 159th Street Oak Forest IL.
Sign Up 8:30 PM
Show Starts: 9:00 PM
$5 Admission
(Free for comics who sign up)

"Laughs in Lakeview Open Mic" - Not on south side but a fun mixed crowd mic.
Hosted by Darrick J.
Brendan's Pub
3169 N. Broadway St. Chicago, IL 60657
(Downstairs Speakeasy Room)
Sign Up@8P
Show Starts @8:30P

Every other Monday starting 1/22/18

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