Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Joe Kilgallon Album hits #1 on iTunes

One of Chicago's favorite comedians, Joe Kilgallon released “Can’t Complain” on Thursday, June 20th & Within 16 hours of release it reached #1 on iTunes

This album was cultivated through Joe's stage work over the past two years since Joe became a father. In preparation for the album release Joe collaborated with James Webb in the production and mastering of the final product. Webb is known from his work as a podcast producer for several Chicago comedians when he launched his YouTube channel and Facebook page "People of Comedy".

Once you have committed to producing a special, next comes the arduous process of refining your material and mastering your set. It is important to have a series of shows or at the very least a network of show producers that will provide you time to work over your material.

When asked which shows are best for formalizing material for his special - Joe responded “My favorite spots around town to work material out was Comedians You Should Know, Comedy Cocktails at House of Blues, Laugh Factory, The Improv, and Zanies - So many great spots in this town right now. I think we're only seeing the tip of what Chicago comedy can and will be”.

To hear more from Joe Kilgallon check out the Kilgallon’s Pub Podcast or Joes website.

Booking at joe@JoeKilgallon.com

Contributed by Scott Simonsen