Sunday, August 23, 2020

Signs of Life...

So yeah... 2020 has been a sh*t show of epic proportions. 
Just like the rest of Chicago  (and most of the worlds economy)  -The COVID-19 pandemic has absolutely ravaged the Chicago comedy scene. All major clubs & indie rooms had to shut down. And for while, it looked pretty dismal. 

But slowly, very slowly, there are signs the comedy scene in Chicago is coming back to life. All the major clubs (Zanies, Laugh factory, Comedy Bar) are back open! The word is more indie rooms will open soon - so as we leanr more you will hear it here first. And as always, the goal of Comedy of Chicago is to promote and produce the best show we can. So stay tuned as we update the site with new great show listings. And in the meanwhile check out this clip of great Chicago comics from the Laugh Factory Chicago.