Over the last TEN years, Comedy of Chicago has interviewed some of the best comedy talent in the country. We've also posted a ton of articles written by actual Chicago comedians. Here are some of the best interviews and articles we've posted over the years.

Talking Shop with Ron Funches (Interview)

Hannibal Burress Interview!

Interview with Beth Stelling

Hal Sparks Interview!

Interview with Tom Papa!

Interview With James Adomian

Marty DeRosa interviews Eric Andre!

Interview with W. Kamau Bell

Interview with Neal Brennan

Tim Meadows Interview

Best of Chicago 

Interview with Brian Babylon

Junior Stopka Video Interview

Bill Cruz Interview

Marty DeRosa Interview

Interview with Will Miles


How To Properly Get Hammered

Your Room Will Fail

10 Chicago Comics I Wanted to F*ck

Moving To L.A. The Pros and Cons

Talking Shop with Ron Funches

A Comedic Romance

Chicago Dive Bars

Get Over Yourself

How To Host A Comedy Show

No Art in Hate

Interaction With A Heckler

Hard To Duplicate

How I Learned to Love the Bomb

A Comics Sad Break Up

The Exodus 

Why We're Fucking Special

Comedians Are Sick

They Call Her Sweet Beth

Definition of a Hack

Why I Became a Stand Up Comic

5 Things They Dont Tell You About Starting Stand Up

Bringer Shows

Laughing So You Don't Cry

Strongly Worded Letter