Top Fifty!

Junior Stopka
WOW. Six hundred posts and counting - much of it written by some of the best comedians to ever grab a mic in this incredible scene. We've published so much content in the last 4 years that sometimes the best articles can get overlooked by the sheer volume we pump out. So... we've put together a list (in no particular order) of the top 50. Don't see your favorite? Drop a line: james@comedyofchicago

How To Properly Get Hammered - Junior Stopka

Your Room Will Fail - Danny Kallas

Best of Chicago - By Dan Telfer

Danny Kallas
10 Chicago Comics I Wanted to F*ck - Bill Cruz

Moving To L.A. The Pros and Cons - Comedy Of Chicago

A Comedic Romance - Lauren Vino

Chicago Dive Bars - Sean Flannery

Definition of a Hack - Joe Fernandez

My Three Weeks As a Female Comedian - Joe Motisi

Get Over Yourself - By Sean White

How To Host A Comedy Show - Kenny DeForest
Jeanie Doogan

12 Signs of A Dog Shit Room - Joe Fernandez

No Art in Hate - Reena Calm

Interaction With A Heckler - Kyle Scanlan

Hard To Duplicate - Anthony Bonazzo

How I Learned to Love the Bomb - Tommy McNamara

A Comics Sad Break Up - Collin Bullock

CJ Sullivan
The Exodus  - By Junior Stopka

Why We're Fucking Special - By Joe Fernandez

Comedians Are Sick - Clark Jones

They Call Her Sweet Beth - Exclusive Video of Beth Stelling

Definition of a Hack - Joe Fernandez

Why I Became a Stand Up Comic - Jeanie Doogan

5 Things They Dont Tell You About Starting Stand Up - Daniel Sharp

Bringer Shows- Jessica "Jbird" Rivera
Will Miles

Laughing So You Don't Cry - Matt Drufke

Strongly Worded Letter - By: Peter Jon Brynes

Memoirs of an Aspiring Comic - Tommy McNamara

Keep Your Head Up - Michael Joyce

Don't Bail On Me Now Bob Palos

Matty Ryan
The Five Lies - Matt Chiaramonte

Failed Comedians - Monte LaMonte

How Lil Wayne Saved My Comedy Career - Will Miles

The Wonderful World Of Danny Kallas - Comedy Of Chicago

Shit Chicagoans Say - How Do I Hate Thee? - Matty Ryan

Reality Check - Kellye Howard

Guide to dating a More Successful Comic - Maggie Ednie

Dave Helem
Pick A Side - Andy Flemming

Even One Person - Nick Sierra

Whatever Happened To That Dude -  Junior Stopka

5 Things They Dont Tell You About Starting Stand Up - Daniel Sharp

Forget The Rules - Greg Gettle

Run Your Own Damn Show - Collin Bullock

Thank You Very Much - Dave Helem

Stop Complaining - Nick Sierra

The Coles Conundrum - Jason Earl Folks

People I Hate In The Scene - Matt Elfring

The North Side - South Side Comedy Divide - Comedy Of Chicago

Clean Makes Greeen - By Dobie Maxwell