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October 16, 2014

HACK - By: Martin Morrow

Webster's Dictionary describes a hack as "a rough cut, blow or stroke".

Any number of comedians would say a hack is something entirely different. Some believe it comes down to being unoriginal - something that has been done before being done again. I've seen a thousand Barack Obama impressions. Out of that thousand maybe 2 were good. I've seen a thousand Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions. Same thing. But if that's "hack" then wouldn't that make abortion, race, and drug jokes hack too? 

Johnny Carson was making pot jokes to the point where NBC execs told him to lay off or it might bring trouble. So is it any "edgier" now that marijuana is mainstream or would that indeed make jokes about smoking weed hack? Maybe the mainstream itself is what's hack. Jokes of celebrities, current events, politics or saying the word "hashtag" in a bit are THE mainstream now but if what's new is hack and what's old and worn is hack then...what are we left with?

April 9, 2014

Professional Standouts - By: Marcos Lara

Marcos Lara
As a producer and a comedian, I'm always excited to work with comics who go above and beyond the call of duty. It's this type of professionalism that sets them apart from the hundreds of other comics in the Chicago/Midwest area and most importantly - keeps them working.

This scene is full of funny people, but exceptional professionalism is a rare trait. With all of the negativity that has been cluttering the Facebook groups and Twitter feeds lately, it seemed like a good time to list some examples of the type of exceptional work that keeps comics in demand.

June 21, 2012

That Makes You Crazy: By Martin Morrow

In comedy we hear several tales of depression, mental disorders, and what would otherwise be sad stories being turned for humor purposes. The feeling is every comedian has their demons. I’ve often times said that stand-up is my therapy. After dealing with the death of a close family member I dove head first into the comedy scene in my hometown without acknowledging that my career was my distraction from the realization of the loss. I remember the night of I did a set at a local open mic with my mom in the audience. At the time that was my escape but that doesn’t make me or any of my comedy peers lunatics.

The truth is for any job you have to be a little crazy. When you set yourself up for judgment it seems like a daunting task that no regular human would want to take on. Looking deeper, every job is like comedy in that sense. We work for laughs and the basis of our ranking in our career is based on laughs and who is around when those laughs happen. If you’re an office intern and you want a promotion, you’re going to be judged and evaluated based on your performance. If you’re in the military, your ranking is based on what you do and how you do it. You’re rewarded with badges and raises; we’re awarded with festivals and TV credits. The truth is not in the art of comedy, but in living.

Contributing Writer
Martin Morrow

January 6, 2012

21 Favorite Bits Of 2011: By Martin Morrow

21 Favorite Bits of 2011

It was one of those classic comedy car-riding moments. Jesse Baltes and I are headed to Algonquin when out of nowhere Berlin was mentioned and the following happened-
Both of us: Berlin? But isn’t that…isn’t that…a gay bar?! In most cases of spontaneously quoting a Joe Fernandez joke two people make out, skip the bowling alley show, and move to New Hampshire to wed but instead it inspired me to present my 21 favorite bits of Chicago comics I heard in 2011. These are the jokes you have to repeat or can’t seem to forget, the classics you wish you had written, and the ha-ha’s you hear at a show or open mic that later on spark sense memory.  Try to think about Holocaust without remembering Drew Michael finding it hilarious or having a joke bomb and not send up to Charlie Bury with a “new stuff my liege.” Or maybe almost die and ponder WWSFD? (What Would Sean Flannery Do?)

This actually took me several months to come up with because it was so hard to narrow down. With that said now in no particular order…well, except alphabetical are 21 of the best jokes of 2011.