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March 5, 2013

Why We're F*cking Special - By: Joe Fernandez

Every so often, a Chicago stand-up comic does few shows out of town. Regardless of where they go, the one thing they always say is, "Yeah it was fun and all, but I really missed our scene. It just made me realize how good everyone here is and how great a community we have."

Now whether that’s a bias towards our own scene I don’t know. I’ve never spent an extended period of time in any stand-up scene other than Chicago. Talent wise I’ve seen less than one percent of what other towns have to offer. And the Chicago comics who are going out of town have to have similar if not identical experiences to mine. But when I leave, no matter what town I’m in, I feel the exact same way. I think the reason is because of these factors, in no particular order of priority.

October 31, 2012

All comics eve...

Well, it’s Halloween... The time when people celebrate taking on another persona. I always love seeing what people like to dress up as because it shows a side of their personality that usually lays dormant. It’s always refreshing to see the energy that comes out of a person when they have allowance, even for just one night a year, to let loose and be a character.

For most, it’s a chance to use a persona to let loose once a year, but for some stand-up comedians, transforming into a character is an aid used 365 days a year. Taking on a certain persona can be a great tool for a stand-up, especially a comic that has any sort of public speaking issues. Feeling a room full of eyes on you while you try not to screw up your own material can be very intimidating. It’s tough balancing out the task of delivering a joke just right, while at the same time, trying to get your personality across to a room of strangers. As comics, we look for approval from an audience, it’s germane to what we do. 

September 7, 2012

The Cole’s Conundrum: By Jason Earl Folks

There is a strange stigma growing within the Chicago comedy scene. Some comics have been poking fun and making snarky comments via the internet and in person in regards to Logan Square comedy and the weekly open mic at Cole’s Bar. The reasoning is simple. It always comes down to this: There are certain comics that only go up at Cole’s. That’s it. Nowhere else. This apparently offends some of the other comics in Chicago, I’m not exactly sure why, but it does. “They only go up at Cole’s! The room is too easy! They have no actual material!” To which I reply, who the fuck cares?

I’ve been in and out of comedic performance my entire life, not just stand up but comedic acting, improv, juggling, magic, etc. Think of a shitty way to get a laugh, I’ve probably dabbled in it. I’ve been doing stand up hard now for about 3 years. It’s been an amazing and exhilarating ride. I am a producer of three showcases in my neighborhood of Logan Square now. But I have a dark secret that tarnishes my comedic past. I am just gonna come right out and say it. Ugh, it’s so hard. Be strong, J, you can do it. OK. Here goes. When I started doing stand up regularly in Chicago… I… I… I ONLY WENT UP AT COLE’S! Oh, the shame! Oh, woe is me! What a wretched excuse for a comic I am! Sarcasm aside, that’s how I started and I’m doing just fine.

November 7, 2010

Schubas Monthly, and Trey says goodbye

According to Bradley LeBree's Facebook post the first night of the monthly Schuba's open mic is tonight.  So if you have been missing that warm and fuzzy Schuba's comedy magic then tonight is your chance to re-live it.  Sign up is at 8:30, show is at 9:15.  Also tonight you got the open mic at McDunnas, and the freaky fun showcase Entertaining Julia at Town Hall Pub which always has a great cast of wacky characters.  Shot out to Trey Mowder who is leaving Chicago and hosted his last comedy showcase, it was packed, rowdy and hell of fun until some douchebag jumped on stage and tried to ruin shit, here are a couple of pics.

September 28, 2010

Depresion Hour Open Mic

How can I describe Junior Stopka's and Tia Ayers' Depression Hour Open Mic Well it's just what it sounds like, folks go up, not necessarily comics, and tell a depressing as hell story.  That's about it.  Is it god awful?  No it's actually quite intriguing, and here and there a couple of laughs are heard.  But don't misunderstand, this is not your typical open mic and the stories told are depressing for sure.  Tales of drug addiction, domestic abuse, divorce, and homelessness are common place.  But it was a fascinating bit of theater and told by a diverse group of folks.  A  were on the stage when I went and the hosts Junior Stopka and Tia Ayers tell their own tales of woe as well.  I actually dig the concept and think it's a interesting alternative to your standard chicago comedy open mic scene. Not that I'd like to see a ton of rooms do this but there was certain aspect of performance art that I thought was really cool and sort of brilliant.  If your so inclined you should check it out and tell you own sad tale, I'm told it can be therapeutic.  Every Monday night, 10:30 PM, @ Underground Lounge. 952 W. Newport off of Clark St.