August 31, 2015

What's Popping!

Still recovering a little bit from from the Oddball Festival which was amazing. Although the huge names like Aziz Ansari performed at the main stage, I found myself fixed at the Redds Apple Ale stage where all the hot local action was going down. Big Jay Oakerson hosted and local comedy stars Natalie Jose, Jeff Scheen Lara Beitz and Dave Helem (pics coming) performed to a rowdy and enthusiastic crowd of about 1500. Dave hellem closed it out and was pretty much on fire

As per usual, a ton of hot comedy shows are happening in the Chicago scene this week. One event we definitely want to put on everyone's radar is the Kellye Howard's one woman show "UNMARRIED" which is opening this Saturday. Kellye gets brutally honest about marriage, career goals, family, depression and grief. Unmarried is scheduled to run Saturday September 5th, 12th, and 19th at the Playground Theater.  Get Tickets Here (Reduced ticket prices today only). Recommended Highly.

August 27, 2015

Singles Only - TONIGHT

Paul Farahvar returns to host his weekly show "Singles Only" at the Laugh Factory Chicago (3175 N. Belmont) this Thursday, August 27th. After a week of shows in Hollywood.

The show has definitely evolved over time, at first, it was mostly singles in the crowd, but now married folks and couples on dates are also coming out for a fun night of top notch comedy. Like a regular standup show Laugh Factory regulars tell jokes of course, but the twist is that audience members fill out a short form that asks them with questions ranging from worst date to the craziest things that have happened. The comedians then read their favorite stories. At the end of the show, the three best patrons are brought on stage for a contest portion to win a $100 gift certificate.

Paul Farahvar
Amy Shanker
Ali Clayton
Martin Morrow

Recommended - Tonight 10PM

August 26, 2015

Thursday Night Comedy at Jokes & Notes

Thursday Night has always been a good night for comedy in the Chicago scene. This is especially true of Jokes and Notes, Chicago's only "Urban Comedy" club", which happens to have a excellent rotating menu of different hot comedy shows every Thursday night. The show tomorrow night is no exception. Headliner Bobby J is an outstanding comedy pro and a powerful presence on Twitter and FB with over 40,000 followers. He's been featured on Bill Bellamy's "Who's Got Jokes", BET's "Comic View" and the Rickey Smiley & Friends Comedy Tour. 

Producer Eli Hamilton had this to say via email about the event: "We're pretty excited about this. We like the venue at Jokes and Notes because it's a staple in the city for comedy which has featured and headlined some of the biggest comedians across the country. We're actually anticipating this one to be our biggest shpw yet. This will be our 5th show since we started back in April and we're gonna present 3 official headliners performing a show for us that night so this will be a real treat and an amazing line up. "

Eli Hamilton - Host
Keith "Big Keef" Jackson, 
Just Nesh
Bobby J Coleman - Headliner
+ Special Guest

Jackson and Just Nesh can headline in their own right so this looking to be a solid night of stand-up.

Jokes And Notes
4641 S King Dr Chicago, Illinois
(773) 373-3390

August 25, 2015

Aziz blows up Zanies + The Oddball Fest Lineup!

Aziz Ansari, one of the worlds biggest stars of stand-up comedy, blew the doors off ZANIES last thursday night with an surprisingly intimate yet inspired performance. The unexpected Thursday night booking, announced late Wednesday on social media, sold out all three shows in less then 12 hours and definitely had the feel of a exclusive pop-up show.

Aziz , who is one of the few comedians to ever to sell out Madison Square Garden was on FIRE. Quick witted, sharp as a tack with attitude to match and pumped up like a freshman on spring break. Aziz owned the stage, turning in a super tight 25 minutes of grade A, side splitting material. The audience was on board and in Aziz's control from jump street. The air inside Zanies (Chicago's oldest and most iconic comedy clubs) was electric.

Big comedy stars choosing smaller venues to tighten material is not uncommon and this last-minute booking was in all probability, a really smart way for Aziz to work new show material for the upcoming and highly anticipated Oddball Comedy and Curiosity Festival.

Speaking of the Oddball fest, it hits the Chicagoland area this Saturday and the Lineup is freaking bananas, featuring comedy stars/monsters of the highest caliber:

August 24, 2015

What's Popping!

Lots of offerings comedy menu this week... check out what's popping...

Sadsacks and Wisecracks
at High-Hat Club - 1920 W Irving Park, Chicago, IL.
Great showcase with some real killer lineups...
FREE SHOW - What!?
Every Monday

100 Proof Comedy
at The Comedy Sportz Theatre - 929 W Belmont Ave, Chicago Il.
 Weekly Monday showcase at a legendary comedy venue.
Lainie Lenertz
Sally BrookS
Dale McPeek
Sam Norton
Rebecca Fass

August 21, 2015

The Laugh Factory Interview...

Curtis Flagg (Far Left) and Brian Morton (Far Right)
When it comes to performing at The Chicago Laugh Factory, Brian Morton and Curtis Shaw Flagg are the main guys in charge. Aside from booking comedians and determining who will "pass" and showcase on their beloved stage, Curtis and Brian are also responsible for managing every aspect of this legendary comedy club. This includes greeting audience members, seating them comfortably, monitoring the sound, making sure the show room runs smoothly, managing the bar, thanking audience members on their way out, and of course preparing for the very next show.


Curtis was born and raised in southern Illinois to a family related to Richard Pryor! With a degree in bioinformatics and the skills of a writer, Curtis found his way into The Laugh Factory as a social media marketer, and he worked his way up from there.

Brian grew up in New York, spent 4 years in the Air Force, and also became a culinary chef all before discovering Chicago comedy at the notorious CYSK showcase. He started as a door man at The Laugh Factory and worked diligently to get to the position he is now.

August 20, 2015

Aziz Ansari @ Zanies - TONIGHT!!

WOAH! Aziz Ansari, one of the biggest comedy stars in the world, is performing tonight at ZANIES.
Ansari's unexpected Thursday appearance, announced late Wednesday on twitter and other social media definitely has the feel of a exclusive pop-up show and YOU should definitely jump on it while you can.

Aziz , if you don't know, is one of the few comedians to ever to sell out Madison Square Garden, was on NBC's Parks and Recreation, has starred in a ton of Hollywood movies and for his career in comedy received VARIETY’s “Power of Comedy” Award in 2014. In short Aziz Ansari is a comedy monster.This last-minute booking, is most probably, Ansari's crafty way of working out new show material for  the upcoming and highly anticipated Oddball Comedy and Curiosity Festival which starts it's tour next week in Missouri with Ansari and Amy Schumer headlining.

Big comedy stars choosing smaller venues to tighten  material is not uncommon and Zanies is the perfect venue for it. The legendary yet intimate comedy club is really finely tuned for a big stars like Anzari to hone his craft in. if you haven't been to the iconic club yet, now's the perfect opportunity. With only three Thursday with shows at 7PM, 9PM and 11PM - it's sure to sell out quick.

1548 North Wells St.

August 19, 2015

Farewell Show for Mike Lebovitz

Although we plugged a bunch of outstanding comedy shows on Monday, there is one in particular that needs special attention. The Farewell Show for Mike Lebovitz should definitely be on every Chicago comedy fan's radar. Officially tiled CYSK presents "BEAT IT, LEBO!", this mamoth farewell party & comedy show will happen take place this Friday at Timothy O'Toole's Pub - 622 N Fairbanks.

This will be Mike's final stand-up performance before he moves to NYC to seek his fortune and will feature a who's-who of the Chicago comedy scene. If you your not familiar, Mike Lebovitz  is an absolute comedy monster in the Chicago scene, who has been assaulting audiences with his crazy-bad-dad sense of humor. A surprisingly subversive club favorite. You will be missed Mr. Lebovitz