April 15, 2014

What's Popping

Yesterday we posted that although JFL Chicago is done (for now), the Montreal based festival continues on and that MAJOR auditions in are ongoing in Chicago for the New Faces Showcase this week. That's huge news for the Chicago scene, but TONS of other events are going on that we want to be sure to plug as well. In fact so much quality comedy is going down with all kinds of superstar comedians (in town performing tighten up sets for  JFL auditions), that we can only realistically cover Tuesday through Thursday in this post and then do another promotion piece for the weekend. So let's get right to it. Check out what's popping this week...

JFL Audition Show @ Up Comedy Club
Watch some of Chicago's best up-and-coming comedians audition for a spot at the prestigious Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal, Canada. Tickets are FREE!
MC - Mike Lebovitz - 7:00pm
MC - Sean Flannery - 9:30pm
No intermission

April 14, 2014

JFL Audition Week

Although JFL Chicago itself is no more, the Montreal based juggernaut of a comedy festival marches on. The good news about that is that JFL is having major auditions in Chicago (no offical word on how many local comics will perform since lineups have been top secret, but insider voices indicate that it should be Chicago heavy) to recruit top notch talent for the New Faces Showcase. Since that is kind of big/good news for the entire Chicago comedy scene, we're just going to go ahead and officially dub the next few days, "The Just For Laughs Audition Week". Why? It's because there are FIVE audition shows happening at some of the best comedy venues in Chicago this Tuesday through Thursday. The real kicker is that FOUR out of five of those shows are FREE and the show that's not free is only $5 (to see ELEVEN comics!). In case your not familiar, JFL is the largest comedy festival in the world and every July in Montreal it hosts comedy fans and industry executives from across the globe. For comics, getting into the Just For Laughs festival is one of the most important career advantages you can have, and the Chicago auditions could be the first step in getting that big break. So come out and support.

April 11, 2014

Funky Friday

It's Friday, the sun is out and the Chicago comedy scene is looking ridiculously strong this weekend. We've posted just a few of some of the best events that should definitely be on your radar if your looking to take in some top notch shows. Included are links for all events with lineups for some and times for all. Everything listed is recommended, especially the Sexiest Comic in Chicago Bracket Competition and Pageant! and the ROAST OF LIZA TREYGER AND MEGAN GAILEY. Enjoy.

Dave Siegel at The Comedy Bar
at The Comedy Bar - 157 W Ontario, Chicago, Il.
Top notch comedy in River North.
Starts Tonight! (Fri & Sat)

Sexiest Comic in Chicago Bracket Competition and Pageant!
at Cole's Bar - 2338 N Milwaukee Ave
Hosted by: The Puterbaugh Sisters!
Started with 32 comics, and now the Elite 8 will compete in a single elimination tournament until only one remains:
Eric Oren
Jeff Steinbrunner
Derek Smith
Cameron Gillette
Tyson Karrasch
Calvin Evans
Nicholas Rouley
David Drake
The winner will receive: $100.00 cash prize, a bottle of Jeppson's Malort & T-Shirt, A Featured Set at an Upcoming "Chicago's Best Standup" show at Laugh Factory Chicago, an exclusive interview and Profile on comedyofchicago.com, A Featured Set at an Upcoming Shinebox Comedy Show at Cole's Bar! + MORE! 3 Live Judges will then vote down the bracket until only 1 remains and is crowned the winner! Then stick around for an all-night DJ Dance Party Celebration!
FREE - Saturday April 12th - 9pm @ Cole's Bar

April 10, 2014

In The News...

Yes this is the all things Chicago comedy site, but there's a big shiny world out there filled with all kinds of national comedy news, so occasionally I like to post a bunch of links to comedy news/events/articles that should be on your radar. First off the bat, did you see Louis C.K. kill on SNL a week ago? He performed an amazing 9 minute monologue/set, and we're still pretty surprised at how many folks completely missed it. Check it out above, also inserted bunch of relevant comedy news links below. Enjoy.

April 9, 2014

Professional Standouts - By: Marcos Lara

Marcos Lara
As a producer and a comedian, I'm always excited to work with comics who go above and beyond the call of duty. It's this type of professionalism that sets them apart from the hundreds of other comics in the Chicago/Midwest area and most importantly - keeps them working.

This scene is full of funny people, but exceptional professionalism is a rare trait. With all of the negativity that has been cluttering the Facebook groups and Twitter feeds lately, it seemed like a good time to list some examples of the type of exceptional work that keeps comics in demand.

April 8, 2014


This is in direct response to Bobby Hill’s article on being nice. He is 100% correct. But I think you already know that, what you may not know is the consequences for being a jerk. That I know.

I am not gonna get into my story/stories of when I was, or thought to be, not nice. That’s not what's important here, what is important is that being a jerk or being perceived as an asshole, can and will really hurt you in you life and your career. And that's no joke.

If people don't like you, they won’t work with you. If people think you are unpredictable, they will not work with you. If people feel scared or threatened by you and your presence, they will not work with you. If no one works with you, you will never work. Makes sense, right? Of course it does. And if you get no work, you will never get anything done or make any real moves forward in your career/passion/love for being a performer. Nothing can save you from yourself but you. Don’t be your own worst enemy.

April 7, 2014

What's Popping...

New shows, new mics, comedy contests/pageants, legendary comedy icons and national headliners are all on the menu this week. No time for pleasantries so lets get right to it. Check out what's popping starting tonight and through the week.

Best Night Ever Debut - Free Comedy!
at GMan Tavern - 3740 N Clark St 
New showcase starts tonight!
Tommy McNamara
Megan Gailey
Liza Treyger
at The Green Door
Kenny Metroff
Adam Gulley
Joe Alden McMahon
Amy Shanker
+ Abbaria!!!

April 4, 2014

Funky Friday.

Joe Kilgallon will be popping up @ shows all over town.
It's Friday and despite the gloomy weather, things are looking hot for the Chicago comedy scene. The weekend is here and the lineups are extremely strong. Joe Killgallon, Jeff Garlin, Junior Stopka, the Nasty Show @ The Laugh Factory & much more are all happening this weekend. We've listed some of the best events that should definitely be on your radar if your looking to take in some top notch shows. Included are links for all events with lineups for some and times for all. Everything listed is recommended. Enjoy.

@ The Laugh Factory - 3175 N. Broadway, Chicago, Il.
Powerhouse line up featuring:
Alex Stone
Ali Clayton
Michael Larimer
Esther Povitsky
CJ Sullivan
Tonight! - 8PM

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