Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Puterbaugh Sisters and Schubas make Sunday a Fun day!

Sunday Night Funnies
Went to two different Chicago comedy shows Sunday night. First the Entertaining Julia showcase at Town Hall Pub in Boys Town. The show was hosted by the Puterbaugh Sisters and I just love these gals. They are so freaking funny and they don’t even tell jokes really, they sort of just sing and make up funny stories. But the shit works, the place was standing room only and everybody was cracking up and laughing their heads off. If you have not been you have got to check out this show but get there early because I never do and always end up standing in the back. Brian Babylon did a set and was great, Adam Burke did a set, and was pitch perfect, Ive seen him twice this week and his shit never gets old. Really got to try and get an interview with that man. There was also a talking mime and a burlesque act which was surprisingly good.  Next I went to Schubas to catch the tail end of the open mic. The usual suspects were there, and Junior Stopka was the last comedian and he KILLED IT. My god this cat has been on fire lately, he did all new material and all of it was funny as fuck. Afterwards I hung out with him and Marty Derosa, and Mike Lebovitz, who I think I have a man crush on. We talked shop and discussed all things comedy. I gota say I really respect Marty DeRosa, the guy broke it down several times and really understands how this comedy game works. I also briefly met Mike David of Redbar Radio, as we were leaving in Junior Stopka’s car Mike David jumps on the hood, instead of stoping like a normal person Junior floors it. We roar out onto Belmont ave with Mike David on the hood like some kind of B action movie. I look at Junior as he steps on the gas with a crazy look in his eye, Mike looks concerned, suddenly Junior pulls over and mike jumps off. We all go to a bar and drink…