Friday, April 29, 2016

New Shows at the Laugh Factory!

The world famous Laugh Factory is debuting two original Chicago comedy shows this Sunday.
If you haven't been to the Chicago Laugh Factory yet, you really should check it out. Since opening a few years ago the Laugh Factory has really been a great proponent of original comedy programming in the Chicago scene. These two new shows are a good example of that. Check out the show bios blow then get you self to the Laugh Factory this Sunday!

Your Feature Presentation: is a LIVE PODCAST SHOW and bad movie breakdown with a game show twist. On the first Sunday of each month, join comedians Jonah Jurkens, Matt Chiaramonte and some of their funniest friends for a live podcast recording on the Laugh Factory stage. Join them and experience some of the worst movies ever committed to film! After lovingly ribbing (or mercilessly eviscerating) scenes and a short edit of the film, the panel will play a series of games where one audience member (Maybe you) will be named the BIG WINNER! This show has everything! Clips, Trailers, Games, Skits, Surprises, Lil' Wayne, Whoopie Goldberg, audience participation, you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll silently fart in your seat and hope that no one notices. We noticed! And we still love you! If you haven't seen Your Feature Presentation, you haven't seen movies! "Two Thumps Up! For the show, not for the movies" - Gene Shalit's mustache
Sunday, May 1st – 7pm

Character Assassination Presents: 
The Roast of Hamilton: The Musical
Character Assassination is a new roast show at Chicago's Laugh Factory that puts famous historical figures and beloved fictional personalities in the hot seat. Stacked against a ruthless panel of their peers, these roasts turn into a battle of the wits limited only by the imagination. Every show features top comedians, writing and performing in character and in costume as a wild roasting dais of popular icons with one goal in mind- to tear each other to shreds. This month, we set our sights on HAMILTON as the bastard, orphan, son-of-a-whore himself gets roasted by figures from history, theater, and hip-hop.
Sunday, May 1st - 9pm